Shuttle-Racking System

Semi-automatic high density storage system for easy loading and unloading of goods from an electric shuttle.

Push-back Pallet Rack

Advantages Technology applied at top operating speeds Save space Increased number of pallets in depth: storage channels can exceed 40 m. The height limit is conditioned by the handling means used. The system works with minimal clearances between levels, which allows for high-density storage. Through the use of sensors the shuttles can position loads intelligently, eliminating empty spaces in the storage lanes. As such, the effective capacity of the warehouse (which takes into account flows of goods in and out of the warehouse) reflects its physical capacity. Save time Loading and unloading times are reduced, since the operator does not need to work inside the lanes. .

Movement speed of the shuttle of 90 m/min when empty, or 45 m/min when loaded. Load lifting cycle of just 2 seconds. On being given a single command, the shuttle can fill or empty a whole lane. Increased productivity Increased flow of goods in and out of the warehouse. Unlike conventional drive-in systems, references can be grouped by channel, rather than requiring a full lane, which allows for greater diversification. Optimisation of operator movements. Product-to-person system: this is the load that moves to the operator. While the Pallet Shuttle carries out a command, the operator can collect another pallet, thus achieving continuous movement. Depending on temperature and load conditions, the shuttle has an operational range of up to 10 hours, working at full capacity. The lithium batteries are easily accessible and have fast connections that eliminate the need for cables, so that they can be changed quickly without interrupting the operation cycle.

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